Alloy Metal Fasteners, is one of the largest specialty fastener distributors in North America.

We have high nickel content alloys, cobalt alloys, high performance alloys, titanium alloys and stainless steels, used for the toughest jobs in engineering, offering a superior combination of heat resistance, corrosion resistance at high temperature, toughness and strength, these alloys are used in the world’s most technically demanding industries and applications.

We have extensive inventories of alloys resistant to acids, seawater, corrosion and high temperatures.

Our products include studs, hexagonal bolts, bolts, washers, nuts, hexagonal nuts, screws, threaded rods, rivets, special screws and any requirement that your company needs to manufacture in superalloys.

Emergency orders: our team is always ready to handle any emergency order overnight or within a few hours, when you need a spare part urgently, we are here to solve your problem! That is why we have highly qualified personnel working in our emergency service 24 hours a day to attend to your company.

Our company can proudly say that at least one screw sold by us is now fulfilling its mission in one of the most important industrial complexes in the world.

Alloy Metal Fasteners specializes in marketing the hardest to find fasteners.



Alloy Metal Fasteners is part of the select group of industrial suppliers that, with their technological innovations and the use of a new corporate vision, are taking over a good part of the world market for oil industrial supplies.

With a philosophy aimed at focusing on achieving maximum savings in operating expenses, this growing group of companies have managed to offer the products or industrial spare parts that companies need to be able to function, at prices 40% lower than those of the market, which directly benefits our clients’ finances.

With the very intelligent application of the tools used by companies to be able to continue operating during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the intensive use of teleworking and the significant reduction in storage spaces, our company now works as a kind of link between the manufacturer and the end customer, thus we have managed to greatly lower our operating costs, making our products have such competitive prices.